Equine Sportmassage

Sportmassage is a very useful and good way to support your horse's health. Horses are athletes that we want in optimal shape so they can move and perform well. It's our obligation to them to keep them in this optimal shape. 


By massaging the horse we can improve the blood circulation, which can improve a better recovery with injuries. De muscles are being maintained well by the massage which will give less muscles cramps and tightness. Horses that have sore joints can have a lot of benefit from a massage due to the increase of jointfluid(synovia). A massage can also decrease inflammations or swellings. 


Besides all of the above a massage can highly improve the overall condition of your horse, no matter the age of your horse. A massage is a nice addition to your routine, will help your horse be more aware of his body and he will get the chance to relax. 


What is massage good for?

  • Blood circulation
  • Get rid of tight muscles, cramps or knots
  • Increases muscle built
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Helps with body awareness 
  • Decreases inflammations and swellings of joints
  • Gives a overall better condition 
  • Stimulates circulation of the lymph system
  • Increases synovia
  • Learns the horse to relax and release
  • Prevent injuries



Equine Taping

Equine taping is supposed to work on five major physiological aspects of the body: skin, fascia (connective tissue), muscles, joints and the lymphatic system. The stickiness and stretchiness of the tape allows the hair to be lifted off the fascia, which wraps helps bring more circulation to that area. Besides the improvement of circulation, it can help remove edema and lymph. The theory is that, as the tape is stretched over the skin, it creates convolutions (skin wrinkles), which allow the lymphatic system to work more efficiently.


This elastic cotton tape is designed to be like a second skin, which allows normal movement of the horse. There is also the possibility to ride the horse while using tape. The technique used to apply the tape depends on what therapeutic effect you want to achieve. It can be used to compress an area, decompress to lift the skin, make muscles work harder or make muscles relax.


What equine taping can help with:


·        -  Increase blood flow, lymph and oxygenation which promotes healing

·        - Relief from soreness, tension, muscle spasms and trigger points. Because of releasing pressure off the skin, the skin receptors for pain sent less signals to the brain. This will give some pain relieve.

·        - Improve recovery after exercise or an injury

·        - Reduce edema and swelling

·        - Helps relax overused muscles

·        - Provides support to tendons, ligaments and joints

·        - Helps to improve muscle and joint mechanics

      - Helps promote body awareness