About me

My name is Tessa van de Grift and I have a passion for horses and healthcare. During the years the horse wellbeing got more and more important to me. Some years ago I got in touch with a horse masseuse for the first time, because my horse was crippled. Already after the first massage there was a huge different in my horse's flexibility and movement. This massaging got my attention! 


During the past years my horse had a lot of massages, mostly just to check up and keep his body fit. It's a nice way to localize minor injuries and prevent them from getting worst. I've always been curious about the working of massage, what education comes with it and how it can help the horse. I did some small courses through the years but in march 2018 I finally started the education to become a professional masseuse therapist for horses. 


I have a big interest in using natural products for myself, the daily life and for horses. I try to go back to our basics, which is nature. With following this path I use a lot of essential oils. 


At this moment I own 1 horse, a KWPN gelding called Koos. At home we have 3 young cats; Odin, Pipa and Mel. 

My vision

I believe it is incredibly important that a horse feels happy and comfortable in their body and mostly in their environment. To give this to a horse, we will first have to look at the basic needs (exercise, nutrition and social contact). After this, we can look at other components of managing a healthy horse. Before and during my treatments I will ask questions about your horse and your situation, to support where possible.



  • Professional Sportmasseuse for Horses License 4 at MassageHippique, the Netherlands.
  • Medical, Lymph and Functional taping for Horses at MassageHippique, the Netherlands.
  • Healthy Horse Feeding 1-3 at Sanoanimal by Dr. Christina Fritz.